Angeletti Ruzza

Thin. Angeletti Ruzza Design

This is a project consisting of more than 20 different items, including WCs, bidets, monoblocks, washbasins and over-counter washbasins. 

THIN is designed to serve as both a practical and mental tool for the architect: a wide range of sizes allows it to be placed in any type of area; it has a contemporary design with an obsession for the proportions that create light and thin shapes. Shapes belonging to memory, comfortable, proper, international.

The need to bring ceramic closer to DURALIGHT, CORIAN and to all the new materials that companies offer as alternative solutions for bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins, with a new tactile expression, “.... is what motivated the new way of thinking for this project”.
With these words, the designers explained the “leitmotif” of the THIN collection.

We worked by subtraction, modelling the pieces countless times to refine the proportions; we intervened manually on prototypes to stretch the contours: we aimed to achieve a floating effect, suspended in the air”.

New ceramic curvatures, far from the standard we are used to, giving the finished product a greater “technical expression”. The white matt finish becomes a design element of this collection: extensive research on the “skin” of the material to make it opaque and easily “mixable” with the new materials that have entered the bathroom world.

The Thin collection is where Azzurra's Water Saving project has produced the best results, enabling a full flush using up to 2.7 litres of water. This is possible thanks to the combined system of the WC and a cistern patented and certified by Azzurra.

In 2011, Thin obtained the Good Design award and received a nomination in the “Designpreis Deutschland 2011” competition.


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