Shower trays collection

Materiality is the hallmark of this new shower tray, entirely in ceramic. Through the use of an ad hoc mold and a special enamel, fired at high temperatures with dedicated technologies, the product takes on a texture that recalls that of stone.

The light ridges of the surface give three-dimensionality and create an anti-slip effect.

The drain, produced with the same texture as the shower tray, becomes unique with the surrounding area. The four colors of the collection, chalk, beige, gray and graphite, evoke the shades of the earth and natural elements.


Ceramic Colors and Finishes

Pietraceramica Gesso
Pietraceramica Beige
Pietraceramica Grigio
Pietraceramica Grafite

Officina Azzurra

Describing Azzurra means telling a story that began thirtyeight years ago in passionate pursuit of innovation in the field of ceramics.Craftsmanship advanced as the spirit of production philosophy, built on a blend of manual wisdom and modern technology.The call to customized design for individual solutions that convey the uniqueness of tailor-made product into industrial product.
Products made entirely of ceramic characterised by simple, linear aesthetic lines that make them true designer furnishings. A mix of technology, design and production quality with a typically Made in Italy taste but with a special focus on foreign markets. Come and discover our products.