Paolo Ulian

Particularly interested in the social aspect of design, it is something he has always practised and considers a tool with which to improve daily life.

An ethical vision of the profession inspired by his long-standing association with Enzo Mari, who the designer likes to call his great master. For Paolo Ulian, designing means proposing something that doesn’t yet exist, conveying an “invention”. Respect for matter, the addition of functions, an understanding of behaviour and ethical considerations are just some of the categories through which he filters his own thought before transforming it into an object. A personal philosophy of thought that has set him apart in the landscape of Italian design, and which Azzurra Ceramica sought to experiment in 2008, when he was asked to investigate, through his sensitivity, the aesthetic and functional implications of the bathroom project.

Collection Tandem

Hovering between the wall-mounted washbasin and the pedestal washbasin, the project Tandem by Paolo Ulian introduces into the bathroom environment a novel type of product that transforms the volume under the basin into a versatile basket container in lacquered polyurethane. Combined with the basin in ceramic, it leaves space for multiple interpretations of use. A multi-award winning design by Paolo Ulian, Tandem introduces an unusual hybrid type of washbasin to the Azzurra product range, poised somewhere between a wall-hung and pedestal washbasin.
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