Scarico traslato curve tecniche

Universal adjustable flush system

Azzurra Ceramica, attentive to the needs of bathroom renovation, offers intelligent solutions such as the “offset drain” os “adjustable flush system“. This innovation allows for the installation of a new toilet while maintaining the pre-existing drain system.

This brilliant design solution, which incorporates the use of the offset drain, not only optimizes the time and cost of restyling, but also simplifies the transformation of your bathroom. The result is a modern and elegant bathroom, with an efficient and sustainable water system. Discover how the offset drain and other solutions from Azzurra Ceramica can simplify the renovation process of your bathroom.

scarico traslato

The universal adjustable flush system is designed to simplify renovations in the bathroom environment: the height, equal to 23 cm, which is higher than the common standards, allows the installation of a new suspended sanitary or floor drain using a single floor model. A design solution that allows the optimization of time and costs, for a redevelopment of the bathroom area that reduces the intervention on masonry works.

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