Diego Grandi

A stand-out personality in the field of surface design, Diego Grandi investigates the broad-ranging expressive potential of surfaces, experimenting with new languages to be reproduced on ceramic, paper and fabric.

An ability, cultivated thanks to his architectural studies, which he has also explored through synergistic collaborations with other brands in the ceramics sector and major Italian design firms. His work, in which cultural references converge with original and personal reinterpretations, always entails different levels of perception, which effortlessly shift from macro to micro. Through his DGO_Diego Grandi Office firm, in 2018 he established an important professional partnership with Azzurra Ceramica, which, in an effort to accentuate the brand’s bespoke vocation, focuses on the restyling of its corporate communication and product enhancement.

Collection Charlotte

The new furniture collection designed by Diego Grandi owes its name to one of the leading exponents of the Modern Movement, the architect Charlotte Perriand, and is inspired by his iconic furniture projects.  
Charlotte_A4 pag204

Collection Cleer

Cleer, a furniture collection designed by Diego Grandi, takes inspiration from a term in the Milanese dialect, which refers to a shutter or roller blind. With a unique effect of estrangement, the new Azzurra furniture evokes this element of the urban landscape by introducing a technical component into the bathroom space.

Collection Franky

Designed by Diego Grandi for Azzurra, the Franky collection interprets the bathroom in a free and playful way through three versatile furnishings. The mirror Franky resembles an Emoji that can change expression according to the position of the accessories, going along with the mood of those who reflect on its surface. Franky mirror is composed of a circular element with integrated LED light, a fixed linear shelf, and two movable accessories equipped with magnets: a semi-circular shelf and a toothbrush holder that can be moved freely. The Franky collection is completed by an independent wall shelf and a stool that can be used as a seat or as a small table.
FRANKY copertina

Collection Leuca

The profile of the Leuca ceramic washbasin, designed by Diego Grandi, arises from the suggestion linked to the marine landscape of the Salento coast, where the waters of the Adriatic Sea meet and join those of the Ionian.
LEUCA copertina

Collection Mark

The Mark mirror, designed by Diego Grandi, has a large oval profile that characterizes the two available sizes, as well as the possibility of installation both horizontally and vertically. The name refers to the grid structure that supports the mirror surface, a mark intended as a graphic sign, a distinctive element of the proposal.
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