Alessandro Mendini

A creator of objects with character and a leading exponent of Radical Design, Alessandro Mendini is among the advocates for the renewal and enhancement of Italian design.


His creative atelier has worked on numerous prestigious architectural projects, simultaneously collaborating with major Italian manufacturers and international luxury brands. His imaginative and colourful works are interwoven with references to the imaginary world of literature and recall the figurative repertoire of painting, graphically translated into a unique and particular stylised language. Essential to the work of any architect and designer is the recovery of memory and handmade techniques, reinterpreted through the reworking of existing objects, whether anonymous or branded, contaminated by the unconventional use of colour or hybridised with foreign styles.

In 2016, Alessandro Mendini involved Azzurra Ceramica in a redesign project, a form of restyling that transforms the identity of an existing object. The Nativo washbasin was customised using multiple decorative themes: the Atmosfera abstract pattern in the blue or multicolour version and the more figurative Stileme image, which adorns the “trunk” of the washbasin like a necklace.

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