Daniel Libeskind

A master of desconstructivism, an archistar of international acclaim, Daniel Libeskind summons all of his creative flair to pursue stimuli and suggestions originating from art, music, philosophy and literature.

His works, from large urban projects to objects of everyday use, are always the result of an articulated conceptual background that combines formal, cultural and symbolic values. A passionate lover of Italian design, he has collaborated with numerous Made in Italy brands, interpreting industrial products as small-scale architecture. His ability to evoke historical memories and artistic references can also be found in his collaboration with Azzurra Ceramica, for whom Libeskind, in 2018, created a plastic collection of bath fixtures to illustrate his personal idea of a dynamic bathroom.

Collection Hera

The collection that represents the personal interpretation of Daniel Libeskind of the bathroom environment comes close to the idea of sculpture, expressed through the revisitation of the principles of neoclassical aesthetics. The series is distinguished by the dynamism of its forms, created by means of an act of torsion which makes the plasticity of the white ceramic an absolute protagonist. It is expressively treated like a block of Carrara marble and characterised by vibrant chiaroscuro effects.
Products made entirely of ceramic characterised by simple, linear aesthetic lines that make them true designer furnishings. A mix of technology, design and production quality with a typically Made in Italy taste but with a special focus on foreign markets. Come and discover our products!