Giovanni Levanti

Constantly poised between the imaginary and reality, utopian visions and the real substance of products, Giovanni Levanti manoeuvres around Italian design in a totally personal way, identifying alternative forms of classic everyday formats.

His professional career is studded with key encounters with leading personalities such as Andrea Branzi and Memphis Group. Forever attentive to change and new lifestyles, he managed to stay away from trending fashions, promoting an original sensitivity that has enjoyed widespread consensus among internationally renowned companies, for which he has designed never-static, transformable objects. A concept of fluid design also evoked in his collaboration with Azzurra Ceramica, for which in 2013 he reinterpreted the concept of a dynamic bathroom through a sculptural wall-hung washbasin.

Collection Nativo

Inspired by the image of a trunk is the handwasher designed by Giovanni Levanti. A unique piece that, despite the reduced measures of the basin, affirms its presence within the environment through the projection of the vertical dimension and the particular bark effect finish.
Products made entirely of ceramic characterised by simple, linear aesthetic lines that make them true designer furnishings. A mix of technology, design and production quality with a typically Made in Italy taste but with a special focus on foreign markets. Come and discover our products!