Laudani e Romanelli

Sensitive and cultured interpreters of designer objects and furnishings, Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli embrace continuity with the tradition of the great masters of Italian design, juxtaposing formal ostentation with a personal minimalist and poetic style.


A project philosophy explored through the intersection of matter, gestures, geometry, art and memory, across all scales, from architecture to interiors and the individual product. Their delicate and discreet creative approach, the result of an intense critical reflection on living themes, has won over the attention of major Italian and international brands. For Azzurra Ceramica, in 2013 they translated the repertoire of classic bathroom furniture forms, designing a collection of modern and contemporary fixtures, freely inspired by the Ionic capital.

Collection Charme

Classic citations and timeless lines for the Charme series designed by Laudani & Romanelli. Definitely far from the geometric rigour of contemporary sanitary fixtures, it is embellished by sinuous fittings, soft tapering and refined details of the bullnose edges, contemporary reinterpretation of the Ionic capital.
CHARME copertina
Products made entirely of ceramic characterised by simple, linear aesthetic lines that make them true designer furnishings. A mix of technology, design and production quality with a typically Made in Italy taste but with a special focus on foreign markets. Come and discover our products!