Angeletti e Ruzza

Essential, timeless, soulful design. This could be the slogan of Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza, who have worked as a team since 1994 to create industrial products able to dialogue with spaces, atmospheres and people.

Their name has been associated with Azzurra since 2007, when they took on its artistic direction until 2014 and with whom they share an original vision of the bathroom project, explored in its entirety through bath fixtures, taps, furniture and accessories. Their projects, both beautiful and functional, far from the coldness of minimalist design, speak the language of simplicity and authenticity, translated into expressive forms that are both soft and pure

Collection Graal

The floor-mounted washbasin in terracotta designed by Angeletti Ruzza Design does not hide its evocative nature. This is a tribute to an ancient material that evokes rituals linked to the theme of the cup or the amphora, adapted to the times through a play of out-of -cale forms and revisited lines. Graal eloquently interprets the cultural and technical philosophy of Azzurra Ceramica’s advanced craftsmanship, transforming an industrial product into a singular object, which then goes on to embellish the modern bathroom and enhances an unusual, unconventional image.

Collection Nuvola

It interprets the contemporary bathroom through a wide range of washbasins and sanitary fixtures designed to create a bathroom furnished in a personalised way. The series, designed by the Angeletti Ruzza Design duo, is inspired by fluid forms that give life to objects that are both harmonious and functional, suitable for everyday life.

Collection Thin

The theme of thinness successfully joins the world of ceramic sanitary fixtures. This is the challenge taken on by Angeletti Ruzza Design which approaches the pieces in the collection with an eye to the tactile expressiveness of the materials. An effect is obtained also with the matte finish. A work of design created by subtraction to give life to a series of washbasins and sanitary fixtures defined by increasingly lightened proportions.
Products made entirely of ceramic characterised by simple, linear aesthetic lines that make them true designer furnishings. A mix of technology, design and production quality with a typically Made in Italy taste but with a special focus on foreign markets. Come and discover our products!