Trends and tendencies arise from the social, political and economic context that the world is experiencing at a given time. The historical period we are living in has conditioned our lives to such an extent that it has created new needs and requirements in people.

The pandemic has forced us into our home, which has gone from being a place of passage in our hectic lives to a place of refuge, salvation and security, a place that makes us feel protected from what was and still is upsetting the whole world.

And so if the kitchen has become a branch of Master Chef, the living room a gym and the bedroom our office, the bathroom has acquired a completely different connotation, becoming a place in which to seek relaxation and harmony.

The bathroom has thus become our personal Spa, a room in the house that makes us feel good, where we can find the peace and serenity we long for.  From these needs, the trends of 2021 have developed.

The question has been asked: what do we need to make our bathroom a place that gives us a break from the outside world? What are the details in the furnishings that give us a sense of protection but at the same time a freedom that has been denied for too long?

This search for harmony translates itself into environments in which sobriety, light and space, combined with references to nature and sustainable materials, fill that need for order and linearity, offering a welcoming space for rituals of well-being and relaxation.

Here are some guidelines on bathroom trends for 2021:

1. Seeking simplicity

Entering an environment with clean lines and essential and functional design gives people a feeling of harmony and serenity from the very first impact.

We try to re-establish order and balance to simplify life in the bathroom, organising space with simple furniture that gives the room the right level of comfort, elegance and practicality.

Styles from different cultures have always combined in fashion and design to create hybrid forms. One of the latest trends in interior design is the Japandi style. It is a fusion of the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics and the modern Scandinavian style. Spaces should always be uncluttered and airy in order to promote a calm and relaxed mood. It is therefore necessary to eliminate the superfluous to create a vital and functional space, leaving the essential objects and arranging them in an orderly way, so as to create a relaxing environment.

This is a style that ties in perfectly with the philosophy of “slow life”, which allows you to enjoy every corner of the house and live day to day in a more relaxed and calm way, leaving aside the stress that often invades people’s daily lives.

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2. Get in touch with nature

Nature has always given people a sense of lightness and relaxation. How often do you decide to escape from the chaos of the city for the weekend and take refuge in the countryside to recharge your batteries? So why not decide to bring into your own home that sense of peace of mind that we are all looking for more and more!

In order to create a light, fresh and serene bathroom environment, we must opt for certain colour choices and specific materials.

In terms of colours, there is an increasing preference for shades that evoke calmness:
– White: gives a sense of cleanliness and freshness;
– Warm, earthy colours: recalling nature and giving an enveloping touch;
– Grey: has a calming connotation;
– Green: in pastel or bright tones, gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness;
– Beige and peach: the right combination of warmth and light.

As for materials, in addition to wood, stone and marble, we should focus on all those with natural textures, in order to recreate the visual and tactile sensation of nature.

Another fundamental element is light. We try as much as possible to let natural light into the room, leaving plenty of room for glass so that natural light is not blocked by elements that do not allow it to diffuse properly. Artificial light, on the other hand, is found in strategic points in the room, such as above the mirror, on the floor or above the shower or bath.

But what can never be missing in a bathroom that wants to adopt this kind of style? Obviously, as you are all thinking, an important element is plants. Choosing the right plants for the bathroom environment means enhancing it and above all benefiting physically from their qualities. In this case, however, the choice must fall on suitable plants with certain characteristics, but above all that grow well in humid areas.


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3. Seeking linearity of forms

By now we have ascertained that the bathroom environment must respond to the canons of balance, stability and harmony. But how does this translate into the choice of bathroom components? The furniture should be as simple as possible and have square shapes, whether square, triangular or rectangular, larger or smaller.

Sanitary ware follows the mood of minimalism and essentiality. We find linear profiles, neutral colours and back to wall installation for a visual perception of more space, even if the tendency to choose a suspended sanitary ware is reconfirmed.

But it is not only sanitary fixtures that are wall-hung; bathroom furniture is also suspended to combine functionality and lightness thanks to their modularity, which makes it possible to design versatile and original wall compositions. As they do not rest on the floor, they lighten the perception of bulk, giving the room a more airy feel and, by leaving the floor free, they optically enlarge the room, making it seem more airy and bright.

The pandemic has also brought back into vogue an element that for reasons of space and impracticality in the daily routine had been set aside: the bathtub.

As homeowners’ desire for rest and relaxation has increased, bathtubs have become a necessity for many people. In more spacious bathrooms, therefore, we see the return of flat-bottomed freestanding bathtubs with simple shapes and essential lines that focus on elegance and design.  On the other hand, the shower remains the preferred choice for many. The shower tray is now mainly installed built-in with the floor, in order to obtain a feeling of spaciousness due also to the increasingly thin glass panes that complete it.

The trends are guidelines that, as I said at the beginning of this article, are affected by external influences, but they do not have to be followed to the letter, they can be interesting ideas to follow when you decide to make changes, improvements or to make the bathroom from scratch.

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