Azzurra inaugurates the summer season by dealing with topics dear to the company, such as water and the environment, two extremely delicate subjects, especially at this time of the year. Thus, the initiative in Sri Lanka with WAMI is launched and the technological innovation project, Water Saving, is extended.

Moreover, immediately after the usual summer break, it will be time for the long-awaited Milano Design Week where we will have the pleasure of meeting again for a new light and colourful showcase, as we hope your summer will be!


Milano Design Week 2021 | SoloDue. Thin as paper

On the occasion of the Milano Design Week 2021, the showroom in Via Giuseppe Sacchi 9 changes its look, with a new window display that reveals a preview of the new SoloDue shower tray, in its many colour and size variants.

Azzurra is also taking part in the Camerino n. 5 project, curated by Paolo Volpato and Caterina Steiner, at the TAM with its Charme collection, chosen to furnish the bathroom area of one of the theatre’s dressing rooms.


Technologies | Azzurra Water Saving

The increasingly urgent need to save water has led Azzurra to the Water Saving patent, an innovative technical solution that allows a complete flush with only 3 litres of water, with an annual saving of over 70%.

Many of the Azzurra collections are equipped with this technology, such as the elements of the Comoda collection: both floor standing and wall hung WCs, whose soft and wide lines translate the concept of comfort into the bathroom environment.

Special projects | Azzurra x WAMI

Azzurra’s attention to the scarcity of water reserves has led the company to enthusiastically embrace the WAMI project: a partnership created with the aim of building an aqueduct in one of the areas of the world with the greatest difficulties in water supply. The initiative involved the Norwood area in Sri Lanka, where more than 20 families have no access to drinking water.

Thanks to Oxfam Italia, the implementation partner, a gravity system was designed and built to take water from reserves located in a hilly area. The system uses a storage and purification system to allow water to flow from a series of numbered taps that can be monitored at all times.


With more than 32 million litres of donated water, the entire community can lay the foundations for living conditions that finally allow them to look to the future with confidence.

The Azzurra aqueduct can be visited virtually at any time: find out more by viewing the QR code!

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