Environmental sustainability and water saving are themes that Azzurra has been committed to for over a decade.

In 2010, with the invention of the WATER SAVING system, the exclusive water saving system patented by Azzurra Ceramica, the company was the first to patent sanitary ware capable of draining with minimal amounts of water and over the years has extended the system to most of the collections in the catalog.

Installing the entire WATER SAVING system (consisting of an Azzurra water-saving sanitary ware, the Azzurra flush cistern and the Azzurra 3L mono-flow plate) it is possible to obtain the best results and flush the toilet with only 3 liters of water, compared to 6L or 9L of other sanitary ware, thus saving up to 70% of the water that is normally consumed to flush the toilet.

The latest milestone achieved by Azzurra in the race for water efficiency and eco-sustainability has been the ability to combine two different technologies: WATER SAVING and ADJUSTABLE FLUSHING SYSTEM.

ADJUSTABLE FLUSHING SYSTEM sanitary wares can be installed without having to modify the existing drainage system, making it possible to replace old sanitary ware with new and more ecological sanitary ware.

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Replacing old sanitary ware is an operation that also allows you to save on the cost and time of bathroom refurbishment and to access the 2021 HYDRIC BONUS.

The “taps and sanitary ware bonus” will allow you, in Italy, to request up to 1,000 euros of reimbursement for the costs of purchasing taps and toilets incurred from 1 January to 31 December 2021, will be available until exhaustion of resources allocated, and will be recognized according to the chronological order of requests.


Do not waste time! To find out which are the models of Azzurra sanitary ware with adjustable flushing system and water saving and to have indications on how to verify the compatibility with the systems of your bathroom, contact the Azzurra showroom.

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