Comoda Collection: Designer Bathroom Furniture with Chromatic Finishes

In the realm of interior design, the bathroom is becoming increasingly important as a meticulously designed space. Azzurra Ceramica, a reference brand for designer bathroom furnishings and technological innovation in the bathroom sector, has enhanced the Comoda bathroom furniture collection, which is one of the standout products in the Azzurra catalogue, with new colours and technologies.

Products from the Comoda bathroom furniture collection

Azzurra Ceramica’s Comoda collection offers a selection of bathroom fittings, designed to combine aesthetics and functionality. Characterised by broad and generous lines, it’s a versatile and comprehensive collection inspired by the concept of comfort, designed to fit not just domestic contexts.

It includes designer sanitary ware, such as wall-mounted bidets, floor-standing back-to-wall toilets, wall-hung basins available in sizes 55x47cm, 65x50cm, and 80x50cm, and a freestanding bathtub. The Comoda collection is also recommended in combination with the Elegance Circle collection, a wide selection of sinks available in multiple sizes, enabling a variety of spatial and layout configurations for a modern bathroom design.


A distinguishing feature of the Comoda bathroom furniture collection is the opportunity to customise the bidets and toilets with innovative chromatic finishes:

Colors 1250° is a plain and matte finish that comes in nine sophisticated shades. It provides a sophisticated look while also maintaining the durability and ease of cleaning that traditional ceramics offer;

Shine is a new glossy-coloured finish that gives sanitary ware a bright, shining appearance, creating a sense of luxury and modernity in the bathroom. The Shine finish is durable and easy to clean, ensuring that the bathroom retains its sparkle for a long time.

Sanitary fittings from the Comoda bathroom collection feature the innovative Easy Clean technology, embracing the concept of a rimless toilet. This design not only simplifies cleaning but also offers enhanced hygiene visibility, ensuring a consistently cleaner bathroom over time.

Toilets from the Comoda collection are equipped with the new No Drop System, designed to prevent the unsightly accumulation of limescale due to dripping. The toilet’s design is revolutionised, and residual water is directly drained, preventing final drips on the ceramic, thus maintaining its durability and cleanliness over time.

The Comoda collection incorporates Water Saving technology, which is centred on water conservation, helping preserve the environment by reducing water consumption during sanitary ware use. Its patented discharge system can save up to 70% of water, a significant achievement that highlights Azzurra’s commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly feature ensures responsible water resource management, making the designer sanitary ware not only stylish but also sustainable.

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