Customisation is at the heart of Azzurra's philosophy. In-depth knowledge of ceramics is thus transformed into design skills capable of shaping innovative collections and devising made-to-measure solutions. The search for design and avant-garde techniques is applied transversally to colour and shape, allowing customisation through made-to-measure cuts of shower trays and shelves with respect to the complexity of each project.

PIETRACERAMICA SHOWER TRAY | Matter as inspiration

The rippled surface of this new shower tray recalls rocky textures. In addition to restoring three-dimensionality, the textured effect provides anti-grip action and is also applied seamlessly to the drain, as if in a single slab of stone.
The inspiration from natural elements is evoked even more by the four available earth tones: chalk, beige, black and grey.


MISURA SHELVES | A new ceramic frontier

In line with the Bespoke Bathroom concept, Misura is the collection of taylor-made shelves to be shaped both in depth and in length, available in the wide colour range glossy white, Shine and Colors 1250. The exploration of ceramic capacity is investigated to its utmost limit: the thickness of the shelves is only two centimetres.

mensola su misura

LEUCA WASHBASIN | The sea inside

The profile of the Leuca washbasin, designed by Diego Grandi, stems from the suggestion linked seascape of the Salento coast, where the waters of the Adriatic Sea meet and join those of the Ionian Sea. The washbasin, both single and double, is inspired by the design of
a wave and features undulating lines and sharp edges, giving dynamism to the smooth and uniform ceramic material.

lavabo leuca
Products made entirely of ceramic characterised by simple, linear aesthetic lines that make them true designer furnishings. A mix of technology, design and production quality with a typically Made in Italy taste but with a special focus on foreign markets. Come and discover our products!