Special sanitaryware with offset drain

Replacing the sanitaryware in your bathroom with no modification to the system is indeed possible!

This is a question we are often asked by individuals and architects or even installation operatives directly. Azzurra Ceramica offset drain sanitaryware adapts to existing installation systems and allows renovation of the bathroom, avoiding troublesome masonry work and optimising times and costs in restyling a bathroom.

If existing installations are operational and replacement only of the sanitaryware is required for convenience purposes, Azzurra includes in its collections models with offset drain in different alternatives and types. Generally, the most demanding installations are those of the toilet – modifying a toilet drain means tackling masonry, plumbing and flooring work with all the associated costs.

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The special structure of toilet with offset drain allows fitting of the sanitaryware with different types of pipe elbows that easily adapt to S-traps with distances of between 6cm and 22cm from the wall to the centre of the drain.

An eccentric fitting is also available for the toilet flushing water connection. This allows the toilet to be connected even when the existing pipe is not aligned with the inlet in the toilet.

Bidet installations are generally easier to adapt, but with the BUILD series offset bidet, Azzurra provides a solution even for the replacement of the bidet – with this model, if the hot and cold water pipes have a length of up to 18cm, there is no need to modify the installation.

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Azzurra offset drain sanitaryware is available in five collections with a variety of technical and aesthetic specifications to meet all needs:

  • BUILD: sanitaryware with pure, simple shapes, for a Nordic-style bathroom;
  • CHARME: toilet with sinuous lines and refined details for a classic-style bathroom;
  • NUVOLA: toilet bowls with flowing, harmonious shapes for a modern, welcoming bathroom;
  • PRATICA: toilet with a simple, functional design for a bathroom with a minimalist style;
  • PRUA: toilets with a dynamic, nautically inspired design, for a uniquely stylish bathroom.

Whether it is a classic bathroom or a modern bathroom, Azzurra’s offset drain sanitaryware is a sparkling design solution that optimises both the time and the cost of bathroom renovation.


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Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Do you have a design in mind and would like specialist ad-vice? For further information regarding offset drains and to receive further information, contact the Azzurra showroom.

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