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On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, from 6 to 10 September, Azzurra presents the new episode SoloDue®. Thin as paper, curated by Diego Grandi, involving the showroom in via Giuseppe Sacchi 9 and proposing a reflection on the theme of lightness.

The aesthetic imagery of paper, a material that reproduces the world, restoring an aerial vision of things and leaving a light and vital imprint, becomes the suggestion for the concept of the installation and is connected to the design of the new patented SoloDue® shower tray presented here for the first time.

The new showcase expresses this vision to the utmost, displaying SoloDue®, with its linear profile and minimum thickness of only 2 cm, like large origami pinwheels that recall the lightness of paper and its infinite modulation.


L’ampia possibilità di personalizzazione distingue la nuova collezione di piatti doccia, grazie a ventidue varianti dimensionali, sagomabili on demand, e tre finiture colorate: COLORS 1250°, Le malteceramiche® e l’inedita Drip entrambe brevettate.

Quest’ultima sviluppata da Azzurra in collaborazione con DGO_Diego Grandi Office, capace di simulare l’effetto goccia dell’acqua irrorata e disponibile in quattro nuance.

The wide possibility of customisation, distinguishes a characteristic of the new collection of shower trays, available in twenty-two different sizes and shapeable on demand and the three coloured finishes: COLORS 1250°, Le malteceramiche® and the brand new Drip, both patented, developed by Azzurra in collaboration with DGO_Diego Grandi Office. This surface stands out for its particular texture that simulates the drop effect of sprayed water and is available in four shades.

solodue finiture

TAM – Teatro Arcimboldi Milano | Vietato l’ingresso – Camerino n.5

From 4 to 10 September the TAM Teatro Arcimboldi Milan will open its doors to the public with the project Vietato l’ingresso which sees large design studios giving new life to the theater’s seventeen dressing rooms.

Azzurra will be among the protagonists of the metamorphosis of the Camerino n. 5: the bathroom fixtures from the Charme collection, designed by Laudani & Romanelli, were selected for the bathroom area, recounting a place full of history with classicism and bringing the space back to its ancient and lost atmosphere.

SoloDue. Thin as paper, curated by Diego Grandi
6-10 September 2021

6 September 2021, 9.30am – 9.30pm
7-10 September 2021, 9.30am – 8.00pm

Showroom Azzurra
via Giuseppe Sacchi 9, Milano

Vietato l’ingresso – Camerino n.5,
curated by Paolo Volpato e Caterina Steiner
4-10 September | free entrance by registration only
Teatro degli Arcimboldi Milano, Viale dell’Innovazione 20, Milano

Via Civita Castellana snc
01030 Castel S. Elia (VT)

Azzurra Showroom
Via Giuseppe Sacchi 9
20121 Milano Lunedì- venerdì | 9.00-13.30 / 14.00-18.00

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